Inclusive Ideas

The world is as good as its ideas. Locally rooted creativity, combined with global market knowledge can result in commercially viable business solutions. While they evolve and mature, the success of these great ideas often depends on their creator's access to finance.

The knowledge and innovative strength of more than half of the world’s population is currently neglected. Income growth is core to poverty reduction; access to finance critical to income growth. We are convinced that inclusive access to finance can profoundly impact economic development and accelerate the fight against poverty, especially in those areas still underserved at this moment.

Increasing Access

Ayani BV - Inclusive Financial Sector Consultants, is an international finance management and consulting company. Incorporated in the Netherlands, with overseas offices in Mozambique, Sierra Leone and Uganda, we offer regional expertise to complement our global experience.

Ayani aspires to increase access to finance. We dare to dream of financial sectors that include clientele coming from all income categories and overcome the exclusion, inequality and discrimination of women in particular. Inclusive finance is a driving force of development and growth. Our business is to provide access to savings, insurance, credit, remittances, etc – in markets where financial services remain exclusive and, therefore, underproductive.

Inclusive access to finance requires local knowledge and experiences. Ayani's approach is based on involvement of local stakeholders in design, management and monitoring of solutions.

We offer technical and strategic support as well as management services in all financial markets from investment funds, bond markets, public finance, regulation, banking, SME lending, microfinance, accounting, information technology, management information systems and business development. We work full circle, being women-owned and women-managed, we prioritize and take steps to advance women-entrepreneurs’ access to finance and also link them to skills building initiatives to grow to a next level.

Our Background

Ayani was incorporated in the Netherlands in 2008. Our team includes specialists and advisors who have a rich array of experience as successful accountants, agricultural economists, agronomists, bank executives, IT specialists, management consultants, microfinance and small enterprise finance experts, monitoring and evaluation specialists, lawyers and poverty alleviation specialists, as well as project managers.

Our clients include investment funds, private investors, central banks, commercial banks, microfinance institutions, bi-lateral donors, governments, NGOs and multinational companies. As trusted advisor to international financial institutions, banks, donors, governments and multinational companies, we pride ourselves on designing high impact programs, elucidating and resolving bottlenecks in business processes.