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Our Clients

Known for its dynamic , professional and highly skilled consultants and thorough , innovative and on-time deliverables , Ayani consistently exceeds the expectations of high-profile clients which have included:

  • Central banks

  • Governments

  • Bi-lateral and multi-lateral development banks and cooperation agencies

  • Commercial banks

  • Microfinance institutions

  • Non-governmental organizations

  • Multinational corporations

  • Commercial funds and investment funds

  • Private foundations and investors

  • Partner consulting firms

Ayani emphasizes collaboration with local stakeholders to design, manage and monitor solutions, with the goal of ensuring local relevance, feasibility, buy-in, uptake, impact and long-term sustainability. The firm has an excellent reputation for top quality deliverables, seamlessly integrated teams of professional international and local experts, and a personalized approach to designing, implementing and going above and beyond to add real value and sustainable results to inclusive finance initiatives. Our consistently high-quality work results in frequent repeat contracts and includes multi-year contracts and multi-donor basket funds to promote micro and small enterprise finance.

What our clients say about our work

“Cordaid contracted Ayani for “fund management and administration” in Sierra Leone, based on the positive experience of cooperation between Ayani and Cordaid in the field of training and coaching of Micro Financial Institutions in Sierra Leone since 2008…. During this time, our experience with Ayani has been extremely positive .” Cordaid

“Socremo is a leading inclusive finance service provider in Mozambique, operating under a Commercial Banking license approved by the Central Bank in Mozambique. Ayani provides continuous leadership and consultation to the management and direction of Socremo Bank. With Ayani’s intervention, the Bank was turned around from a loss making institution to a sustainable and profitable bank and one of the most efficient banks in Mozambique .” Socremo

“Ayani applied OECD DAC standards in assessing the progress made towards achieving project objectives, including outcomes and impacts on end clients, and also conducted a Value for Money assessment….The Consultant provided useful recommendations which have been applied…to improve project performance .” FSD Africa

Ayani is very professional and delivered a very high quality work . Ayani successfully identified major trends in the sector, and the findings informed a range of stakeholders with regards to constraints and approaches in using investment vehicles to promote financial inclusion.” DFID Mozambique

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