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Why Choose Ayani ?

We aspire to empower underserved people to implement their ideas and improve their lives through increased access to quality financial and other services .

We dare to dream of financial sectors that include clientele coming from all income categories and overcome the exclusion, inequality and discrimination of women in particular. Inclusive finance is a driving force of development and growth. Our business is to provide access in markets where financial services remain exclusive and, therefore, underproductive .

Inclusive access to finance requires local knowledge and experiences. AYANI's approach is based on involvement of local stakeholders in design, management and monitoring of solutions .

When we advise our clients, we truly care about the quality of the insight we bring to the table. We aspire to become trusted advisors who can help your organization realize its objectives and add value to its target market.

We are reliable, place professional integrity above all else, and are keen to find solutions that work for your business and your clients. In fact we often bring recent experience from other markets to recommend high value, actionable measures that will make a lasting impact on your organization and your clients.

What sets us apart from other consulting firms is our nimble structure that leaves the door open to fruitful exchanges beyond the scope of our project, as well as our particular expertise in technical areas where few have managed to build a consistent, relevant track record. This includes fragile states, agricultural value chain finance, women's financial inclusion, and the creation of meaningful linkages within rural communities.

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