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Agricultural & Rural Finance

As a firm committed to pushing the frontiers of access to finance, Ayani has developed a substantial portfolio of projects designed to enhance the linkages, livelihoods and access to finance of agricultural smallholders and SMEs.

Ayani brings not only experience in agricultural finance research and assessment, but also hands-on experience with agricultural finance product development, project design and technical assistance. Ayani is adept at creating financial sector and value chain linkages that enable critical farm and SME business investments to enhance local competitiveness.

Ayani brings solid experience in agricultural finance, including:

  • Value chain research, scoping and assessment
  • Strategy development for women’s inclusion in agricultural value chains
  • Agricultural investment vehicle feasibility analysis, design and management
  • Agricultural finance product development and risk management
  • Agricultural value chain project design
  • Capacity building and training for smallholders and other value chain actors
  • Agricultural credit line management
  • Use of digital technology to reach smallholder and other rural populations
  • Forging relationships and productive partnerships between beneficiaries, NGOs, private banks, government stakeholders and donors
  • Integrating agricultural players, such as input suppliers, off-takers and processors, into the finance contract
  • Monitoring and evaluation of agricultural finance and related development impact projects

Ayani's longstanding expertise and network in financial inclusion, combined with regional consultants that bring deep knowledge of local agricultural and agri-SME markets, provide a valuable complement to market development, linkages and business incubation services.


Despite the developing Coronavirus crisis, Ayani's rural finance activities continue apace in sub-Saharan Africa, through our local staff, consultants and partners.

As a firm committed to overcoming persistent barriers to financial inclusion, Ayani provides technical support to a combined portfolio of over 37 million Euros in credit facilities and related projects aiming to enhance the financial options, market linkages, livelihoods and economic resilience of agricultural SMEs, smallholder farmers and other rural populations.

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Survey of the supply side of agriculture finance in Tanzania

Ayani supported FSDT in assessing the supply of agricultural finance and remedial strategy development throughout Tanzania and Zanzibar.

The work entailed a quantitative survey in all major regions of the country and in addition key informant interviews. The stakeholders covered included banks, MFIs, SACCOs, government, agro-enterprises, suppliers of informal sources of finance, NGOs, donors, and industry associations.

Agricultural finance training module development in Uganda

Under the strategic guidance and supervision of GIZ, Ayani helped build “Capacity and Product Development for Rural and Agricultural Finance” in this assistance to the Uganda Institute of Banking and Financial Institutions (UIBFS).

This included:

  • An assessment of the demand for training in agricultural value chain finance;
  • An assessment of the supply of training in agricultural value chain finance;
  • Development of a training program in agricultural value chain finance to be offered by the UIBFS to its member financial institutions;
  • Ensuring sustainability and quality control including trainers’ selection, monitoring, quality control of trainers, content, material, and training methods; and
  • Guiding the discussion on certification of the training program developed.

Strengthening agro entreprises in Burkina Faso, Ghana, Mali and Niger

The USAID Agriculture Trade Promotion project provided support to agribusinesses at a number of levels: finance, business development services as well as macro level.

Ayani assisted the project with business planning with a view to enhance the capacities of agribusinesses in the maize, onions/shallots and ruminant livestock value chains to improve their capacity to present clear and accurate financial information to banks and other financial intermediaries, develop bankable business plans, and apply for loans.

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