What we do

Ayani's core competencies are to increase access to finance through strategic advisory services, project management and technical assistance to financial service providers and central banks. We also provide monitoring and evaluation services, including baseline surveys, monitoring surveys, project monitoring plans, independent institutional evaluations and impact surveys.



Our goal is to help institutionalize innovative practices from economies that have successfully deepened their financial sectors sectors in general and increased access to finance of women in particular. Ayani offers first-hand knowledge of financial sectors in a wide spectrum of economies, including Africa, Asia and the Pacific, Eastern Europe, and Latin America and the Caribbean and the Middle East. We do this by emphasizing the need to work at all levels.

At the community level, Ayani advises how well structured grants can give almost-bankable people a chance to become clients of microbanks. Moreover, the firm advises on how to run innovative financial capability building initiatives.

At the financial institution level, we enhance the capacity of financial service providers to include micro-, small- and medium-sized enterprise (SME) finance in their product offering, develop saving and housing finance products to the underserved to build assets and insurance products to protect assets, develop responsive consumer finance, trade finance and leasing products, and tap the remittance market.

Our specialization includes advisory services to shape the structure and transparency of financial markets and their operators. This includes the development and implementation of tools, building of sector specific expertise among audit firms and research institutes, helping associations of commercial banks and microcfinance associations strategize and advice about the most appropriate forms of wholesale finance.

At the macro level, we support central banks impart specific expertise related to lower income markets and assist governments in initiating a national dialogue, developing a vision, and planning how to increase the outreach and depth of the financial sector.

Ayani offers practical innovative solutions that identify areas for immediate improvement, so that refinements or innovations to business processes can be introduced right away. At the same time, Ayani seeks to tackle underlying issues with a view towards delivering significant and lasting results.