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What We Do

Ayani's core capacity is providing strategic, technical, operational and policy-level support to the financial sector for enhancing financial inclusion in emerging economies.

At the macro level, Ayani has helped governments and central banks increase the outreach and depth of the financial sector. Specifically, we have conducted hundreds of financial sector assessments and assisted with financial sector development policy and infrastructure to enhance access to finance for those traditionally excluded from it.

At the meso level, Ayani has worked extensively with banks, microfinance institutions, funds and other financial service providers to research, design, pilot test, scale up, troubleshoot and evaluate a broad range of financial and non-financial services for households and micro, small and medium sized enterprises (MSMEs).

At the micro level, Ayani has provided capacity building to rural households, women groups, and MSMEs in the areas of financial literacy and business management to develop their livelihood options and create linkages for them within their local economies.

Ayani offers expertise in a broad range of services to bolster inclusive finance initiatives . The firm provides the following primary services: