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Capacity Building & Training

Ayani is committed to enhancing local capacity and has a strong reputation for effective training and capacity building. For over a decade, Ayani has:

- designed and facilitated technical trainings and training-of-trainers (TOTs) for financial service providers

- provided hands-on coaching to senior directors of funds and financial institutions, and

- equipped local organizations to enhance the skills and ultimately the livelihoods of micro, small and medium entrepreneurs (MSMEs).


Ayani emphasizes collaboration with local stakeholders to design, manage and monitor solutions, with the goal of ensuring local relevance, feasibility, buy-in, uptake, impact and long-term sustainability. We support our clients with:

- Training needs assessment

- Design of training program

- Facilitation of classroom training

- On-the-job coaching and mentoring

- Embedded Resident Technical Advisor

- Transfer of skills and know-how

- Financial literacy

- Financial management for MSMEs

- Business management services for MSMEs


The COVID-19 crisis will have an impact on micro, small and medium enterprises in Africa, as well as on the financial institutions that serve them.

With the goal of sharing knowledge from our relevant experience in fragile states, including during the Ebola crisis in Sierra Leone, the Ayani team has assembled a set of lessons learned and practical crisis response solutions for inclusive finance stakeholders.

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Learn more about Ayani's work in this area:

Change management in Zimbabwe

Untu Capital received funding for technical assistance with a view to:

  • Performing an institutional appraisal, including but not limited to operations, organizational structure, products, controls, strategy and business planning, human resource management and change management;
  • Reviewing the organizational structure with senior management and the determination of required changes designed to meet present and planned needs in line with the outcome of the appraisal.

After just three months on-site PaR was already decreasing thanks to the firm’s ability to convince senior management and board of a change in operations. The technical assistance also proved effective in turning the corner from monthly loss making to monthly profits shortly after completion of the assignment.

Resident advisor & major bank turnaround in Mozambique

Ayani seconds a management team and technical advisors to bring SOCREMO, a microfinance-oriented bank, to profitability, grow and attract additional investors.

Ayani successfully restructured the bank and by 2013, it was considered one of the top 100 companies in Mozambique. Today, new investors have been brought in, and SOCREMO is the largest provider of loans to the informal sector. Ayani continues to second the CEO, provides support to the Board and serves as Secretary. With Ayani’s intervention, the Bank was turned around from a loss making institution to a sustainable and profitable bank and one of the most efficient banks in Mozambique.

Institutional development training and business plan development for credit cooperatives in Myanmar

Ayani, in partnership with the Association of Asian Confederation of Credit Unions (ACCU) and the Central Cooperative Society Ltd. (CCS) prepared a business plan and capacity building workshops for local savings and credit cooperatives. This included the set-up of proper governing structures, product and procedure development, system and process development, accounting, organization and human resource management and development, marketing, business planning. It also includes advocacy at macro-level to highlight the importance of savings in empowerment, not just credit given the savings culture was rather underdeveloped in the country.

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