Clay O'Brien
CEO, Australia

Eileen Miamidian
Chief Operating Officer, Mozambique

Ben Botha
CEO Socremo, Mozambique

Cloe Ribas                          

Enterprise Development, Mozambique

Myka Reinsch
Innovations Director

Joan Hall
Consultant, Latin America & Caribbean

Jos van der Sterren                

Senior Consultant, Netherlands

Sam Mathole                             

SME Banking, RSA/Zimbabwe

Dennis Kiyimba
Agronomist & SME Banking, Uganda

Clare Wavemunno
Regulation & Transformation, Uganda

Costa Malai
SME Banking, Kenya                    

 Lorisa Canillas

Trustee, Ayani Branch Sierra Leone

Andrew Kutubu
Agricultural Value Chain and Market Linkages Expert, Sierra Leone

Arcadius Domingo            

Rural Finance, Benin and Senegal

El hadji Niasse
SME/Youth Promotion, Senegal

Roland Tiaba
Rural Banking and MIS Expert        


Our Team

Ayani maintains high standards in its services and in its people. We make this happen by contracting the best experts in particular fields, those who have the most vigorous, positive approach and the highest potential to expand into related areas of expertise and managerial positions. Ayani operates in a truly global manner, mobilizing teams with the brightest minds around the world—with an incredibly broad range of technical and functional experience. When we recruit, we look not only at candidates’ academic records, but also at what they have managed to achieve, along with their leadership capacity. Our staff are ambitious, energetic and typically have ample field experience in a variety of settings.