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Our People

Ayani is a global organization with a nimble team of leadership and managerial staff, a core group of fixed term consultants, several regional offices and an extensive worldwide network of regularly contracted experts.

Ayani’s team includes mainstream bankers, development bankers, inclusive finance experts, master trainers, agricultural economists, insurance and money transfer experts, housing finance and youth finance experts, investment bankers, accountants, statisticians, monitoring and evaluation specialists, financial and business educators, DFS specialists, gender mainstreaming experts, anthropologists and community development practitioners - all with deep knowledge of the local and regional development ecosystems.

Our staff’s diverse backgrounds afford Ayani and our clients a broad perspective of the overarching macroeconomic environment, training needs and managerial issues across the inclusive finance sector, a deep understanding of the challenges faced by practitioners on the ground, and a unique capacity to interact effectively with management and staff of financial institutions.

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