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Myka Reinsch - CEO

Myka Reinsch is CEO of Ayani, leading organizational strategy, win-win partnerships and Ayani’s global team of inclusive finance specialists. Myka has over two decades of experience in inclusive finance and economic development in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the U.S., where her work has emphasized innovative, sustainable, locally driven and multisectoral solutions for women and other underserved populations. Myka has worked closely with MFIs and other organizations in Africa, Latin America and Asia, providing technical assistance on such topics as business strategy, market research, new product development, internal controls, risk management, nonfinancial services, social performance and cost-benefit analysis. She has also collaborated with international inclusive finance stakeholders to promote knowledge sharing and sound practices, forge innovative partnerships and foster double bottom line efforts to enhance financial inclusion.

Myka has worked with Ayani since 2011 in various roles, including Director of Innovations, Business Development Director and as Project Director and technical specialist on Ayani projects. Prior to joining Ayani, Myka was Vice President of Programs at Freedom from Hunger (now a combined organization with Grameen Foundation), where she had previously served as Director of a four-year Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation project focused on integrated microfinance and health interventions (2006-2010), and as Senior Technical Advisor in financial services (2004-2006). As a consultant since 2002, Myka has worked with numerous inclusive finance clients, including World Bank/CGAP, Appui au Développement Autonome (ADA), Associates in Rural Development (ARD), Chemonics, FHI-360, Grameen Foundation, the MIX, SEEP Network and UNCDF.

Earlier in her career, Myka spent two years working in finance and investment in U.S. housing and economic development projects with Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) and two years as a Peace Corps volunteer, focused on community forestry and women’s small business development, in Thailand. She spearheaded knowledge product development, knowledge management and sharing initiatives at two organizations. Myka has lived and worked in over a dozen countries, including francophone and anglophone countries throughout the African region. She speaks English, French, Spanish, Wolof and Thai. She holds an MBA in Business Economics and Nonprofit Management from Columbia Business School.